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Sediq Afghan is an Afghan philosopher and mathematician. One of the greatest geniuses of the world, included in the UN and UNESCO World Heritage List.

He was born on March 20, 1958 in the family of an Afghan businessman and from childhood had a special penchant for calculations. From 1982 to 1991 he studied in the USSR: mathematics in Lipetsk, and then philosophy with history (Leningrad). Above all titles and titles, Sediq values ​​his own independence. Loves and respects all peoples and nations of the Planet. Everywhere feels in its place. Now he lives “in two houses” - in Turkey and Afghanistan. Like all reasonable and educated individuals, he dreams of a New Just World and is ready to contribute to its creation.

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Formula of life. Digital language of philosophical mathematics. Part I

How to recognize the matrix of our life.

Throughout life, from birth, a person is surrounded by numbers. Anyone who knows how to "read" them is able to find answers to many questions, solve the most difficult life tasks and achieve what they want. Philosophical mathematics is a unique key to events and personalities.

This course is one of a kind, has no analogues either in our country or abroad!

If you really want to learn the secret of numbers, then this course is for you.

The first semester of the philosophical mathematics course contains an initial introduction to all kinds of series of numbers.

The properties of numbers, their nature and relationships in various spaces are studied.

You will learn how to represent the same number in several variants of the expansion of the nasum, as well as write these sums in the form of formulas.

The course of philosophical mathematics clearly shows the close relationship of natural sciences (biology, anatomy, geology, etc.), social sciences (history, statistics, etc.) with mathematical calculations using the methods of philosophical mathematics. You will learn how to fill in magic squares and cubes, find the center and sums of columns and diagonals, the sums of external and internal cubes according to the formulas of Muhammad Sediq Afghan.

You will learn to see and understand amazing calculator calculations, which contain digital data of time, the biological cycle of a person’s life, medical indicators of his body, the structure and movement of the solar system, the connection of numbers on a calculator with circumference indicators.

The course of philosophical mathematics reveals the essence of numbers.

The mathematical calculations of this course prove the divine origin of our world, as well as the uniqueness of God, which is expressed through the number 1!

In mathematical calculations you will see a deep philosophical meaning.

And most importantly, after completing this course, having studied the patterns of mathematical series and the magical properties of squares and cubes, in the future you will be able to: evaluate the past, analyze the present and PREDICT THE FUTURE!.

  • * The course consists of several semesters. This is the first one. Upon completion of the full course, you will learn the following.
  • * You will be able to understand yourself deeper, discover your talents
  • * Understand your strengths and weaknesses, understand your purpose in life (understand goals and objectives)
  • * Understand the character of any other person, what can be expected from him, and what is useless to demand.
  • * Assess the prospects for the development of any person in one direction or another
  • * Be able to calculate the forecast for a specific year, month, day information about how NUMBERS, phone numbers, passports and others affect fate
  • * Understand the nature of each number

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